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Makina Fabrikası

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The blade core is a precision-made steel disc which may have slots called "gullets". These provide faster cooling by
allowing water or air to flow between the segments. These slots also allow the blade to flex. Blade cores are tensioned so that the blade will run straight at the proper cutting speed. Proper tension also allows the blade to remain flexible enough to bend slightly undercutting pressure and then go back to its original position.

Diamond segments or rims are made up of a mixture of diamonds and metal powders. The diamonds used in bits and blades are man-made (synthetic) and are carefully selected for their shape, quality, friability, and size. These carefully with a powder consisting of metals such as cobalt, iron, tungsten, carbide, copper, and other materials. This mixture is then molded into shape and then heated at temperatures from 1700° to 2300° under pressure to form a solid metal part called the "bond" or "matrix". The segment or rim is slightly wider than the blade core.

This side clearance allows the cutting edge to penetrate the material being cut without the steel dragging against the sides of the cut. There are several methods of attaching the segments to the steel core.

Brazing - Silver solder is placed between the segment and the core and then heated until the solder melts and bonds the two together. This method is used for wet cutting blades only.

Laser welding - The diamond segment and steel core are welded together by a laser beam.

Mechanical bond - A notched, serrated or textured blade core may be used to "lock" the diamond rim or segments onto the edge of the blade. Mechanical bonds usually also include brazing or other metallurgical bonding processes to hold the rim or segments in place.  

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