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Drill-Jet Stand CDR342 Lissmac


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Drill-Jet Stand CDR251 Lissmac

The UNIVERSAL mounting plate makes it easy to mount
any drill motor precisely
Ergonomic and effortless core drilling thanks to a hand
crank cross which can be operated from either side
The support feed is precisely controllable with 1:1 direct
ratio or an additional 1:3 fine control ratio.
Precise support guiding using roller guides
The toothed rod is safely built into the aluminium profile
For drilling at an angle, the aluminum profile column can
be pivoted backwards by up to 45°
The massive drilling stand support offers high stability
 Precise alignment of the core drilling stand by four
levelling screws as well as a vertical and horizontal water
level integrated in the “support”
The support can be locked in any position with a locking
screw, for stepless hight adjustment

CDR 251

core bits-Ø max.250 mm
adjustable useful length550 mm
motor mounting usingUNIVERSAL
feed gears operated from either side1:1 / hand crank (optional gear 1:,/1:4)
angle drilling90° – 45°
dimensions (L/W/H)300/190/880 mm
weight11.8 kg

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