Drill-Jet Stand CDR402 Lissmac


Gasoline Core Drilling Machine CDM23WP Lissmac


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  • Drill-Jet Stand CDR501 Lissmac

  • The UNIVERSAL mounting plate makes it easy to mount
    any drill motor precisely
  • Ergonomic and effortless core drilling thanks to a hand
    crank cross which can be operated from either side
  • The support feed is precisely controllable with 1:1 direct
    ratio or an additional 1:3 fine control ratio.
  • Precise support guiding using roller guides
  • The toothed rod is safely built into the aluminium profile
  • For drilling at an angle, the aluminum profile column can
    be pivoted backwards by up to 45°
  • The massive drilling stand support offers high stability
  • Precise alignment of the core drilling stand by four
    levelling screws as well as a vertical and horizontal water
    level integrated in the “support”
  • The support can be locked in any position with a locking
    screw, for stepless hight adjustment

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