External Concrete Vibrator Form Work Set


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The high-frequency internal vibrators of the LURA series share a basic feature:

  • They are only connected to a single-phase power supply and ready for use.
  • Fast, simple, flexible. Ideal for independent operation.
  • Phase protection is available.
  • One hundred percent of the vibrator bottle is steel.
  • Waterproof. The delay is copper.
  • High Torque Abrasion Longer winding life can be repaired without having to change parts.

ModelLURA 50LURA 60LURA 70
Voltage220 Volt220 Volt220 Volt
Effective Diameter65 mm Ø90 mm Ø105 mm Ø
Head Diameter45 mm Ø60 mm Ø70 mm Ø
Head Length385 mm375 mm440 mm
Head Weight3,6 kg5,9 kg8,6 kg
Electric Cable Length10m10m10m
Hose Length (Standard)5m5m5m
Hose Length (Optional)1-14m1-14m1-14m
Motor rpm (On Duty)12000 12000 12000 
Protection ClassIPX7IPX7IPX7
Frequency 50/60 Hz50/60 Hz50/60 Hz
Current5,5 Amper7 Amper11 Amper
Integrated Convertor Weight3,7 kg3,7 kg3,7 kg
Total Weight15 kg17,5 kg21 kg

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