Chicago Pneumatic CP 0125 SVR Compressor


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Chicago Pneumatic CP 01022 S Compressor 

Designed for demanding applications in advanced regeneration, construction and rock breaking areas, CP martopiers combine power and ease of use to perform the job. Durable, simple construction and versatility have made them a popular choice for demanding construction sites.

Length: 565 mm Strokes per minute: 1380 Mounting size: Hex 22x82.5 mm Weight: 11 kg Air consumption: 22 l / s Vibration level: 16.3 m / s2 Mower CP 0122 S work tools (can be purchased) Spike, narrow chisel (25 mm), wide chisel (75 mm), asphalt chisel (125 mm), angle chisel (75 mm), engraving chisel (120 mm), bolt (125 mm)), plate handle, circular clamping plate , square clamping plate, rounding plate

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