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Chamfering diamond blade combined with saw blade

Compound chamfer blades

Some customers require compound blades with several steps in them, to suit specific requirements. These are also known as bevel or chamfer blades. They are often used on airport runways,  roads for drainage, or decorative finishes on the sides of buildings (putting in fillet or chamfers in precast and tilt-up concrete panels).

Airplane runways can crack after reinstatement from cable laying when using a standard single segment blade. A bevel blade reduces that likelihood.

United Diamond Tools can make these blades up to your specifications. They are often used on used on concrete, green (uncured) concrete or asphalt.

The blades are usually provide in three sections that are bolted together at the factory,  The outer blades can be replaced if they wear down too much, as this reduces the over all width of the cut .

Let us know what you require and we can quote on your needs.

** Note - these blades are usually very thick and they will need extra horse power to drive them, or a much slower forward speed, compared to a standard blade.

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