Concrete Vibrator
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Concrete Vibrator Internal Integrated Convertor

INTEGRATED FREQUENCY CONVERTER The high-frequency internal vibrators of the LURA series share a bas..

High Frequency Internal Vibrators with Built-in Converter Oli Vibra EWO

EWO Electric High Frequency Internal Vibrators, which are directly connected with the mains supply a..

Modular Internal Vibrator Technoflex Rabbit 3,5 HP

SHOULDER CONCRETE VIBRATOR 3,5 HP • 18,000 rpm • High protection with double insulated electric mo..

Technoflex CRF20 Concrete Frequency Converter 30A

Technoflex CRF20 Concrete Frequency Converter 30ACRF-20TT:No. shots: 2Input: 400 V 50 Hz 3≈ | Output..
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